What does SinglePoint Assist do?

The two most common questions I get asked are:

  1. "What does SinglePoint Assist do?" And

  2. "Why can't I do that myself?"

This post is an attempt to answer both in one go.

Ok, so what do we do?

We help flight departments plan in advance for all flights under their control, from a maintenance perspective. We then provide the safety net of access to the largest global network of maintenance providers & aircraft support personnel if needs arise. This enables their senior executives and stakeholders get to their next destination faster. 

In the words of one of our long term clients:

"I get a year of you guys watching my back and helping me if we get in the c#@p, for less than the cost of a single flights catering - it's a no brainer."

How do we do it?

We are an entirely independent AOG provider that maintains an up-to-date and ever-expanding network of maintenance relationships that spans the globe. We are trusted by many of the largest flight departments in the world to get them back in the air as fast as possible after an unforeseen event.

INDEPENDENT - Privately owned, not beholden to any single manufacturers network and not as affected by the competitive dynamics of the industry. We have built our own relationships, and we work these to get you the best result possible. An example? A couple of months ago we arranged hanger space for a Gulfstream G650 in the Bombardier Service Centre in Europe - which was the only space available on the field. Being independent we are able to make these kinds of things happen.

OUR NETWORK - Not only do we maintain the industries largest and most up to date network of maintenance practitioners & field operations personnel, but it is also ever-evolving as our customers fly to different destinations every month. An example? Recently, a client had to make an unscheduled diversion on route from Europe back to the US, that saw them make an emergency landing in Gander. We had a maintenance technician waiting at the FBO when the aircraft landed 25 minutes after the first call from the DOM asking for assistance. Because we had established a relationship with a local maintenance provider because another customer had flown to the same destination two months previously, we already knew who to call to achieve such a fast response. In this way, it's like a cooperative - everyone benefits from each other. It would be near impossible to create this level of coverage on your own.

TRUSTED - By big and small clients. If you have a single jet or if you manage 50 aircraft, we can help. We have incredibly low customer churn rates (0.5% annually) as our clients realize our value proposition. Some customers have said it’s like having an extra staff member in their team, but at a fraction of the cost. An example? At the recent NBAA event in Portland, many of the largest organizations Flight Department Maintenance Managers convened the second of their annual Maintenance Directors roundtable events to discuss best practices etc. Of the 24 organizations in attendance, 19 were already clients of ours. 

So there you have it, a quick post on what SinglePoint Assist is and why we think that joining our group of clients is a much more efficient way to gain access to onsite maintenance providers and the wider AOG support community than spending many, many hours doing it yourself or simply leaving the outcome to luck. 

Let me know if you have any questions. You can contact us at info@singlepointassist.com