How it works

Joining SinglePoint Assist is simple and provides membership options based the time period for the coverage. The online application is easy to complete.

Once you are signed up with SinglePoint Assist, the vast maintenance network will only be a phone call away. Call us when you have an AOG problem or even if you just need to locate a certain tool or ground support equipment. The hotline will be answered 24/7 365 days a year from anywhere in the world and a technician will be sent to your aircraft to help you solve the problem large or small.

Your subscription fee covers pre trip planning and the mechanics call out fee and first 1 hour of the mechanics time should you need us. After that, all rates are pre negotiated so crews do not need to be negotiating fees when in a bind.

Once you make the call to the SinglePoint Assist Hotline, the level of assistance is determined and the appropriate support is provided.

SinglePoint Assist services are grouped into three levels

  • Qualified technicians located at the airport you call from are ready to respond and come to your aircraft to assist your mechanic or take the lead in solving the problem. Trouble shooting can be completed quickly and effectively allowing your crew, maintenance support and SinglePoint Assist to work together to get your aircraft back in the air.
  • This basic service works great when you have an on-board technician that just needs help with locating tools and equipment. Your technician will have instant access to local knowledge, contacts and resources.
  • This Level 2 service is used when you need a certified A&P technician to perform repairs and complete required paperwork.
  • This level of support will save you time and money when repairs can be completed on- site and the aircraft certified and back into service with minimal down time.
  • This service will connect members with the appropriate technician at airports where there is a factory-authorized repair station
  • The Level 3 service rate will be billed and determined by the repair station and SinglePoint Assist will act as a liaison for the member if required.

Additional Ground Support Equipment and other maintenance services are also available through the SinglePoint Assist membership at preferred pricing.