"It's good to know we have the extra resources available to minimize the impact of maintenance delays, no matter where we are outside the US.  I appreciate working with Richard and his team, they are always willing to assist and help find solutions as the need arises."

Sandra L. Gordon Sr. Manager, Aircraft Maintenance Department,Whirlpool Corporation

“Amway partnered with Single Point Assist as another resource to worldwide coverage for aircraft maintenance and support.  A simple way to predetermine maintenance assistance in locations during the trip planning process.  The Single Point Assist support has been a good addition to our company’s aviation maintenance resources”.   

Thomas O. Meier – Chief of Maintenance – Amway Corporation – Alticor Inc.

“When my crew called from Germany to inform me that our Global Express main entrance door power closing system was compromised, I called Single Point Assist. Richard arranged to have ground crews at each of our many European destinations to physically assist with opening and closing the door from the outside. My crew was pleased and so was I.”